Speak to someone now through Suicide Prevention Lifeline. All conversations are confidential and available in multiple languages including options for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Whether it’s one-on-one counseling or community engagement, seek the support you need to make the progress you’re looking for. All communications with our staff are confidential


Is a loved one contemplating suicide or at risk? Are you looking to get engaged with your community and to make a difference with the folks who need it most? The Tristan Foundation is here to...


The Tristan Foundation is a Delaware non-profit corporation founded in 2018.
The question is ultimately an unfair one, this event happened beyond anyone’s control but still, that question is one that no one should ever have to find themselves asking. That is why we have started the Tristan Foundation.
We believe in a future where there will be one less family asking themselves what if. We believe in a future where one more person, just desperate for help, desperate to reach out to anyone, will have someone there to reach out to. We believe that suicide can be prevented one person at a time, one community at a time and that is what we are here to do.

The Tristan Foundation has been an active member of the community since (insert start date) and hopes to continue working for a better world for years to come. To see where we’ve been and for ideas of where we might be going, check out our collection of articles and testimonials.